Tree removals are essential if the tree is declining or has a disease such as Dutch elm disease. Trees should also be removed if they pose a hazard, such as falling on a structure or into a roadway. Tree roots that may be growing in or near a private septic system should also be removed to prevent damage.

Tree Removals

Trimming includes the removal of dead and diseased wood, crossed branches, or limbs that have been damaged by ice or storms. Limbs and branches that are near utility lines or other structures should be trimmed to avoid potential damage. Trimming can help shape and lift the canopy and promotes healthy new growth. We recommend trimming and pruning your trees every two to three years for the best results.

Tree Trimming

I wish more homeowners knew about this type of service. Pruning includes the removal of suckers (water sprouts), deadwood, crossing limbs, and thinning limbs. The objective of ornamental pruning is to create a uniform look for apple, pear, cherry, and other fruit trees. Pruning also encourages healthy growth and fruit production. Many homeowners make the mistake of not pruning their fruit trees, which leads to disease, damage and poor fruit production.

Ornamental Pruning

We specialize in residential and small to medium-sized commercial landscape installation and maintenance. We create plant beds and natural areas. We also plant trees, shrubs, flowers and lawn grasses.


We have the equipment to clear your sidewalks, driveways, and entire parking lots. Give us a call before winter and we can provide you with a free estimate on all of your snow removal needs.

Snow Plowing

Providing a cost-effective landscape to your outdoor living environment, using materials and stone such as Brussels and Holland stone that match your tastes and home look. Other brick services include sidewalks, walking paths, retaining walls and stoops.


Brick Patios

We sell choice oak, hickory, and maple firewood in half and full cords. Most of our wood will be sold and/or available during fall and winter months and can be delivered directly to your home. Call us for current pricing and delivery schedules.


This service includes the removal of large and small stumps. Stump grinding can be performed year-round, and is a much more effective method of stump removal than burning, axing or using chemicals. Stump grinders can reach a depth of ten inches under grade, allowing for removal of the entire root structure, and replacement of the area with grass.

Stump Grinding